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Fresh brazilian street food.

A culinary adventure through Brazil. 

Nothing epitomizes Brazilian culture better than a churrasco (aka BBQ) with friends. A quick stroll to the market for fresh ingredients and a tv with the local futebol match is all thats needed to get the party started. Locally-sourced, freshly grilled food in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Unfortunately there are no places in Maine to enjoy Brazilian food and churrasco.... until now! Just like they do in Brazil, we'll be locally sourcing all of our fresh produce and meat, to ensure the best quality product on your plate. Additionally, we'll be making regular trips to Boston to import authentic Brazilian ingredients and treats, like Acai, Guarana, tapioca, pacoquinha, and other specialties from the Southern Hemisphere.

At Grillin' Brazilian we look to represent the best of Brazilian cuisine; emphasizing locally sourced ingredients, grilled on the churrasqueira, and served fresh in a fun atmosphere. Come by the truck for a meal, or host a traditional Brazilian rodizio BBQ at your next party. Saude!

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โ€œEspetinhoโ€ Cart Menu

*Menu subject to change. Push-cart menu and Food Truck menu will vary day-today.

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The Grillin Brazilian food truck makes delicious, freshly grilled food, with a memorable level of service your guests are sure to enjoy. Perfect for weddings, or any special event, our fresh Brazilian specialties appeal to all palates, from kiddos to grown-ups. With our fully-equipped commercial kitchen, we can serve a 5-7 course meal for up to 150 guests, including appetizers and desserts!

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Our Story

Back in summer 2013, I (Brooks) was working at a gym in Boston, and Natalia walked in looking for a membership. She wore brightly colored pants and carried around stick-figure drawings of her exercise program. Naturally, I tried impressing her with my spanish. Oops... Brazilians speak Portuguese. Communication was an issue, but we were both awesome at stick-figure drawings and using google translator.

Natalia was here as an Au Pair, planning to stay 1 year and learn English. During that year, we spent most of our time in the kitchen. We loved cooking together, listening to Bossa Nova and sharing stories. When she would get home-sick, I'd always take her to a Brazilian restaurant and she'd teach me how to order things in Portuguese. When I'd get stuck at work, she'd always make me little Brazilian snacks. Food and cooking truly connected us, and we fell in love.

It only took 8 months for us to realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, traveling and cooking. So we soon married and spent the first 3 years visiting places we've never been and eating copious amounts of Brazilian food (and some Creole - also quite tasty). In the process, I fell in love with the cuisine and culture of Brazil and wanted to share it with our friends and family in Maine (where there are no Brazilian eateries).

Grillin' Brazilian is our way of bringing the dishes, styles, and atmosphere of Brazil right to your plate. We hope you enjoy it!